I am never supporting this business again.

I really can't believe that they won't answer a simple question, or the rude initial response to my question.

Never mind the fact that their lines are long, produce is unripe or rotten, and their meat is usually a day from expiring, but whomever is controlling their facebook is every expletive that I can think of.

I am kind of glad that they're being so obnoxious about this because I actually have a legitimate reason for avoiding the store other than the poor quality of goods and service.

Their prices are not even remotely competitive and I mostly shopped there out of pity because I thought they treated their employees better.

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So this guy saw an employee with a visible tattoo and that's his issue. He won't shop at a grocery store because of the mere possibility of seeing someone with tattoos, God forbid it be perhaps a teenage employee working minimum wage.

A question for this Bryan character.

Do you not use public roads because construction workers have tattoos? The idea that this guy took the time to go on here and blast a business because he saw a single employee with a tattoo while shopping for groceries goes to show the mental unstableness of this individual.


Sounds like you were the one who was rude. They asked you a question and you were snarky and sarcastic. I wouldn't want your business at my store either.

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