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My name is Cory Ermi, and a friend of mine had told me that he talked to his boss and I was to go and fill out an application because he was interested in giving me a job as either maintenance or stocking, so I did. I got a call from one of the supervisors, Amanda, a couple days later, and she had told me to come in for an interview; I went that afternoon. After talking to her about what Woodmans offers she had me do a math test, which I passed, and she told me that I had the job. I filled out all the necessary paperwork, w-4 ect and was given an orientation time and date as shown in the picture below, as well as receiving the pamphlet.

The following day I had gotten a call from the SAME supervisor, Amanda, telling me that she had hired the wrong 'Cory' because the "REAL" Cory was there now wanting to fill out his paperwork. How does this happen?? How do they call me, interview me, have me fill out the necessary paperwork, tell me I got the job, give me an orientation date and then call me back the next day saying that they hired the WRONG CORY????

I have newborn twins that I need to take care of, rent to pay, car insurance etc, as well as other responsibilities, so how can you say that I got the job, get me all excited, and then call and say you hired the wrong person AFTER taking my ID and information????

I think that i should be still given the job I was offered, or even another job within the store at this point, even if its only a couple of hours a week to start, due to all of this hassle and frustration - I think its only fair. I am definitely not happy with this, and frankly quite disappointed with your company at this point. Why should I suffer over your mistake? Why should my kids! With the stress this has caused, wasted time, and YOUR mess up, i feel that something should be done about this. I got kids to take care of and i don't appreciate being told i have a good job and then have it taken away. I was also told that there was NO other positions open which i don't believe either because Woodmans is ALWAYS hiring, and i know two people personally that have had interviews following this screw up from the supervisors within your company.

At this point I NEED a job, cashier, stock, maintenance - whatever. I don't feel any of this being fair, and I would like something done about it.

Please contact me at 262 993 0056. I can be reached there, or leave a message with Kristie if I am not around. I want to be contacted because something needs to be done about this; this is totally bogus and I would hope that you agree.

Thank you for your time and I hope that we can clarify this matter in a civil and timely fashion.

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Hopefully since you posted this, you have found employment.


look for a new job


Sorry, sentence should have read "you say you have a friend there"....


No one from Woodman's is going to read this. You will need to contact their Corporate office.

But as someone suggested, if you have a lengthy criminal record, they may have disqualified you and then did not want to give you the real reason. You say you have there. Well, did this new Cory start or not? I also agree with the poster that said you need to look for other jobs.

I know you feel wronged but you need to move forward. Woodman's obviously has.


I just looked up your record.I would not hire you either.What do you expect when you have a long crminal history like that.Good luck finding a job anywhere.


They probably did a backround check on you or looked at your face book.Are you on ccap for a crime or anything.I think they got more info on you and decided it was not a good fit.


And you think you will be able to meet all of your expenses with a job in a store????? It sounds like you have a lot of growing up to do.

There are other jobs out there, get your butt in gear and find a different job. This is a general web site, not a site for the store.

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