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Fulfillment of delivery order for senior disabled, items omitted because picker was tooooo lazy to look for items. I know this because I called Waukesha store, and all items were in stock.

So my $90 order ended up $50 plus delivery charge Speaking with a SV Jordan, resulted in the same mentality, with no resolve other than reorder! Yea right......what happened to the pride in job? Is everyone on medication, to be so complacent? Very sad indeed, luckily more store are offering delivery, hope I find one with integrity!

Shame on you Woodmans....

so much money...so little regard where you come from....shame..... Thank you

Review about: Woodmans Market Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Retrain lazy pickers, allow employees who know layout of store to pick groceries for home delivery. This will eliminate a lot of " out of stock" items. Also retrain so called SV to be able to interact with customers, not pass the buck!.

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It is an outside company doing the online shopping. Not Woodmans employees

to Anonymous #1362077

This does not excuse the issue of laziness. Shoppers are in a hurry, unable to find items.

Now the shoppers can only fulfill orders if items are restocked in store.

Herein lies another problem, restockers!

Management problems? Let's blame the logistics, folks......

It is easier to point fingers.......lord help those who own it!!

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