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Here is an email I sent to corporate for Woodman's Markets from Rockford Illinois.


Tonight around 4:30 p.m. my wife & encountered one of your employees, a self check-out attendant who is a bully. All of your stores regular check-outs were 3+ deep with everyone having full carts as usual. We had many frozen items in our cart, two of which were ice cream and a bag of ice. We had under 28 items in our cart total and there were two self check-out stations open with nobody waiting for them. My wife and I attempted to use one and were told by your self check-out attendant that we couldn't due to our having over 20 items. We said we could each pay and use both self check-out stations if needed, but we were told it's not per person but per cart. I said that I can get another cart if needed. Then the self check-out attendant said she can call for another regular check-out line to be opened and forced us in to the only regular check-out available nearby, which was 4 deep and is on the side of the store where we had parked. Your self check-out attendant then TOLD a lady in front of us that was already in the regular check-out line that she needed to come over and use the self check-out line because she had less than 20 items. Your employee even pulled the customers cart over to the self check-out machines. The customer clearly knew the self check-out machines were an option and did not want to use them but rather than fight with this very pushy and bossy employee of yours running the self check-out tonight, the customer did move and followed her cart being pulled away. As my wife and I stand waiting in line and can't believe what we have witnessed, we then see the customer who was forced in the self check-out line finish up and leave while all this time there were no new customers at the other self check-out machines. We could have used any of those empty self check-out machines, clearly this is upsetting for us to watch. Now as we continue waiting in this long line while never seeing or hearing the self check-out lady attempted to call for another real register to open like she said she would before she forced us in to the regular line, your employee continued to stand at her station with nothing to do while all the self check-out stations were empty. Very upset now and now refusing to buy anymore items than needed, I got out of the real cashier line and gave your lazy and bossy self check-out attendant about 5 frozen items out of my cart telling her I do not want them anymore. I now believed that I had the 20 items or less required by your stores LAW and gatekeeper of an employee in order to use the self check-out station! If it would not have been for my wife, I was ready to just walk out leaving my full cart there because I felt your employee was such a power hungry bully. Clearly she enjoys her POWER and I can assure you that this is not helping your companies business. I doubt that my wife and I are the first or only customers that have had a problem with this lady and her bully pushy ways. What I do find funny though is that I miscounted, my receipt shows I bought 23 items so I guess your machines do not know the stores own LAWS!


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Lol this laughable why the *** didn't u just go grab another cart while in line and go checkout separately common sense. Idiotic people like u are the reason why people like the checker girl are they way they are, read the signs posted before you check out next time. You probably had way more in your cart then you want to admit on here, hence why you got snapped on.

to Wow some people #851649

Why the should they have had to go through the trouble of grabbing another cart, when the solution they offered the self-checkout cashier was reasonable and logical!

To the OP, don't worry about that cashier. She can't even afford to shop in her own place of business.

to Anonymous Rockford, Illinois, United States #863731

Wow allyou people Are simply crazy the only way to kno about retail jobs are to work them the stuff we HAVE to put up with is insane people are lazy REAL lazy all the public aid people come in gets 2 carts of groceries and then have to have them loaded into their car on top of not of even paying for them the lines at this store for grocery pick up are RIDICULOUS they have more in a month than all the stores combined for a year in rockford and ive seen the disgusting cars that come through CRAZY!!!!!!!

to Funny #863732

I worked retail while putting myself through college, thank you very much!

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