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Woodmans compromises health of customers by placing opened container of Salsa back on the shelf, I shopped at the West Madison WI location last week September 2nd 2012, and had some issues with the seals on 64 oz containers leaking and product smelled bad. While returning the 64 oz container I decided to check the 32 oz container to see if they were affected, so at the customer service desk I opened the container and it was leaking also.

While at the store on Sunday September 9th 2012 I noticed that they had put that same opened container that (I had opened at the customer service desk on Sunday September 2nd) of salsa back on their sales floor with the rest of the containers. I will not shop at Woodmans again obviously they are more worried about a profit then safety and health of there customers.

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I completely agree that this store is a health violation waiting to happen.

An employee I know has said they have a serious rodent problem, but can't do anything to address it.

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